Wisdom & Karma

The sutra of Bodhisattva Kistigarbha fundamental vow,which encourage moral practice,and DE-emphasizing of materialistic values and focus on spiritual progress,and compassion and care of all sentient beings,it is better teaching in modern rapid technology, if some one -either male or female,at the end of his or her retribution has fallen onto evil path,then he should whole heatedly take refuge in this Mahasattvs,so his or her life span will increased and their sinful hindrances will be eradicated,they will take refuge some one may lose their parent,who care for and loved them,and do not know in what path of existence,from their spirit fare, Bodhisattva Kistigarbha address the Buddha saying,O” world honored one,by virtue of Buddha”s majestic. miraculous power i was able to divide myself into many, many forms,throughout hundred.to millions of worlds to save,and deliver all sentient beings,who are suffering their Karmic retribution without Buddha”s great merciful power,The Buddha said As you sow so shall you reap.he said this is the law of karma, if you do bad karma than it will yield bad fruits and if you do good karma will yield good fruits,this is the universal law of nature,Evil or bad karma are obstacle in your life,to recover the awareness one’s original nature,who follow the path5676307912_4e57d797d8_o


of Bodhisattva and achieved path of wisdom and enlightenment.




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