The Karma, Cause & Effect by Mamaidev

The Mamaidev was great philosopher and predictor of future event in the world. We pay  homage  to our great Mamai dev, The  Mamai Dev fought for the rights of Poor Meghwar, and sacrificed his life for their welfare,Uplifting of Sinbharia Meghwar and others poor dalit Castes. and given Path or ways of Lively hood,and happiness,Poor Sinbharia MEGHWAR were Untouchable Caste for Upper Hindu caste  of The India,they have no rights and do worships Gods in Hindu Temples, The Hindu community Believed that  Meghwar are  untouchable peoples in the world, their Gods and Goddess will  give curse to Hindu caste who touch the Sinbharia Meghwar,Hindu Caste believed that Meghwar are the Curses of his Gods, and they considers Meghwar as Lower Human on the Earth,the Poor Sinbharia MEGHWAR were helpless against Human atrocitiesEbola-victims_2962495b, by Upper caste of India.The Meghwar were the real Ancient  Inhabitant of Asia and India, the Aryan  peoples attacked on the Meghwar and Sinbharia Meghwar and they Invaded Asian countries and India,He said in his Vedas-“Associate with those noble person who correct you”The Mamaidev preached to  Sinbharia Maheshwary Meghwar & Others…… The Mamai dev said in His Sacred Scripture :- મધ ( દારૂ) પીયન ને જુવા રમણ,જે મનખ વૈશ્યવાડે જાય,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા એ  માનવી મનખ જે લેખે મેં નહિ……..do not addicted with alcohol and addictive drugs,avoid gambling,and multiple sex partner which leads to death  of persons ,bread winner /earning member of family may die due to alcoholic toxicity disease like cirrhosis of liver and blood disorder diseases, and mental disorders and piles, multiple sex partner leads to Aids(HIV) and its associated diseases, ie TB,Cancer of lungs, ultimately young person is died leaving behind his widows and orphans children, which are the sufferer of the evil deeds of person, ,already more than 20 millions peoples have died   due to HIV/AIDS..today an estimated 46 millions peoples are living with HIV/AIDS,and 4 millions children have been infected; a person who play gambling which may be any form, He loose his money and property ultimately he died due to debt and loss of wealth. Sufferer are the females and children of decease or died person, The Mamaidev said who are indulging alcohol and have multiple sex partners and Gambler are the evil  person or hungry ghost,  on the Earth,vampire who sucks blood of females and children in the world;,they are not consider as human being, They Are Saitan .

Children and HIV/AIDS- .. impacts on children in two major ways: as a disease that kills their PARENT OR  other adult guardians leaving them as ORPHAN and  approximately 16 percent of all children under the age of 15 years, of which 87 percent will be orphaned because of the HIV/AIDS epidemic ,Than Alcoholism in Adult young person is the EVIL Karma,the alcoholic person may died due to toxicity of wine / Alcohol, or a  Alcoholic person may died due to Traffic Accidents while he drive the vehicles under influence of Alcohol, leaving behind  Children as ORPHAN and his widow females, this is the evil Karma, we are Human beings we have  Religions Banned or TABOO to drink Alcohol /wine. Earning members of community are died due to their EVIL karma,

hard times




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