Mamaidev/The Awakening & Wisdom

The Mamaidev was a great philosopher in 13th Century he was born in India.He said in his holy scripture that first you know yourself and your body & Mind, then  you can come to gain a deeper knowledge of yourself and working of consciousness.The mamaidev emphasizes an aspect of enlightenment, Awareness,this is the aspect of the Enlightened mind which act spontaneously for the benefits of all living beings on the earth,the enlightened mind experience the Universe as fully awakening by Reality. The Mamaidev Experienced and perceived different ways depending on our consciousness,He explained historical human body and mind, he said in his holy Vedas:- પહેલા આપનું પંઢ પર્ખીઓ,પોય કરીઓ વરોમંધ જો વિચાર.પંઢ શુદ્ધ  ને જીવ શુદ્ધ,….pahela apanu pandh parkhiyo, poy kariyo varomandh jo vichar , Pandh shuddh Jiv shuddh.this is more visionary experienced by Mamaidev,he Experienced the glorious Body and Mind, directly with the eye of transcendental Wisdom is known as body of truth of Awakening.


The Mamaidev said that all living beings are equal in nature,however due to our wandering thoughts,Ignorance, greed,delusion,attachments are the root cause of our sufferings,Mamaidev”s teaching is on purity, Equality,awakening,Wisdom and compassion can perfectly solve all sufferings of living beings on the earth,it enable us to obtain true and ultimate benefits by creating fulfilling lives,happy families,harmonious Societies,prosperous nations and peaceful world these are the basic teaching of Mamaidev”s doctrine,It is holy teachings of Mamaidev that leads to holy path of awakening lives on the earth,to attain truth,virtue, Beauty of life and genuine eternal happiness.the Mamaidev said in his holy Scripture that if you have boundless wealth and immeasurable good fortune, but how can you enjoy them because your life is short on the earth.he explained in his  Sacred Vedas that perfect knowledge Wisdom is the exhaustive and perfect perception truth of life and Universe without doubt.


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