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Attitude & Life Style/ Mamaidev

The Mamaidev was a Great Philosopher and Predictor of future Events on the earth,He was Born in India in 12th Century and Nirvana in Tattha,Sindh,Pakistan. his Tomb is Located in Makli necropolis Graveyard UNESCO world heritage site.He preached to Poor Sinbhariya MEGHWAR Community of India,Pakistan,and other Asian countries.The Mamaidev teaches or preached to



Poor MEGHWAR community of India for Equality,Struggle,Unity,compassion,Love and peace for their Right Livelihood,The Mamaidev given Dharma /religions to poor Meghwar.He preached to Meghwar community for Positive thinking,Positive Attitude for change of life,Because the poor Sinbhariya Meghwar were treated lower human and Untouchable by upper caste peoples of India,and they were oppressed peoples of India.The Aryan Invaders attacked on India & on Sinbharia Meghwar in during ancient Vedic period.The Sinbharia MEGHWAR are the Original Inhabitants of Asia and India,Pakistan,Sri Lanka and others Asians countries.The Mamaidev said in his Vedas:- કર્તા, તેત્રા ને દુવા યુગ  મેં  રાંક મેઘવાર જે ઘરે હવી રોશત કાળી અંધારી રાત, રાત વિયાણી ને થીઓ પ્રાગડો.કર /કલીયુગ  મેં માતંગદેવ મેઘવારે જે ઘરે આયો,જીને ગુર કિયો ધરમ જો પ્રકાશ…આચાર ..ધર્માચાર.Translation :- karta yuga, tetra yuga and Dvapar yuga there are 4 yuga, during 3 yuga MEGHWAR were neglected and Oppressed peoples of Society and were sufferers of  SOCIAL EVILS ,upper castes peoples also try to stop up lifting Meghwars who are the integrated part of Society and HUMAN CIVILIZATION. there were darkness in the homes of poor Sinbharia Meghwar in the 3 yuga, no one God  from Upper caste came to the home of Poor untouchable Sinbharia Meghwar, they can not enjoys HUMAN RIGHTS in India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka and others countries,Only Dr Ambedkar,Mamaidev and Matang dev came to the Home of Meghwar and given Religion and preached to Poor Meghwar in Kali yuga,The country which tolerates the Evil of Human society, can not claim to be civilized.

મામૈદેવ ને વેદ મેં કંથન કિયા હૈ..પંઢ શુદ્ધ ,જીવ શુદ્ધ, ને કરમ કાયથા જો વિચાર,પંઢ તરીઓ ને જીવ ઉકરીઓ,તની કે પંઢ તણું વિચાર,મામૈદેવ ભણે મહેશ્વરિયા આન્જો જીવ થીન્ધો કરોડ કરપતે ( પાપ)  નું  પાર……….The Mamaidev Said Healing start within You, You regret nothing in your life,Even if your past was full of suffering ,pain and Hurts,You still look back and smile what you are today is because of your past,it make you stronger and stronger,From your human perspective You often believed that you must work hard to overcome obstacles and suddenly shortages ans solve the problems that are before you.but often in that ATTITUDE or approach you work against yourself and nature and the rules of Attraction of nature. without realizing It.Think Highly of yourself Because the World  takes you at your own estimate Destination or Goal which was decided by You,Achieving your Goals will leads to some of the most Memorable and Rewarding Experiences of your life.The Mamaidev Said, I’m glad you have chosen to allow me to be a part of your Journey, Good luck,and Good bye to Maheshwari’s,He said If you have vast or plenty of Wealth,It will be Useless in Teaching your children, relatives and your followers,If You have great power It will be of no avail in security of their happiness,If You have Succeeded admirably in life it will no help You, keep your children, relatives and followers safe.Remember that you can not teaching or preaching them, try to live with Peace,Love,contentment, and Compassion.this will be your LECTURE this will be your lesson,The positive thinking and Attitude are depend upon how you start building on your happiness and this is now you learn to focus goal on what you can change, presence moment and you can influence on Future,
If You want to build a happy and successful life and let go regret well start working on improving your attitudes towards yourself and towards life and every single day work on building happy precious moment,and in the END, when you will look back of life,than you will realized that the sum of those moment helped you to build a successful life,It is that simply,A JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES BEGINS WITH A SINGLE STEP.!!!!

If I become happier so can You,Always associate with wise person who correct You,At work and in school look for positive peoples to associate with,Remember You are what You think,you fill what you want,Keep a list of your Goals,Positive thoughts and action,It will build your skill, boosts your health and improve your work ability,If you are an entrepreneur than positive thinking is really a must have, although it help for all carriers and destination and your success and happiness,and build strong Social relationship,It is Amazing what can do for You !!! the power of positive attitude,happy peoples are more productive and success in their life,they will live longer and healthier,The Mamaidev Said,Success is not key to happiness,but happiness is the key of success,If You Love what you are doing,you will be successful.

Character is the basic requirement for happiness and positive attitude,so that you be honest and trustworthy,have good values,never compromise your values,and verbalize and share your good values,be a good friends,wife,husband,family members,be  LOYAL,praise yourself and others often,reward yourself,Be courageous and strong always,always look forward, and keep track of your physical,mental and social well being of your health, SUCCESS is something most of us want but we want happiness too.

The Buddha & Mamai dev

The Buddha & Mamai dev


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