પંઢ શુદ્ધ, જીવ શુદ્ધ; Pure Body & Mind

The Mamaidev was a great Philosopher and Sufi Saint of Sindh, his Sacred Tomb is Located in Makli Necropolis UNESCO world heritage site,he was born n India in 12th century, he preached to poor Sinbhariya Meghwar Community of India.he teaches to Meghwar Maheshwari for Pure Body pure mind.he teaches every Maheshwari Meghwar should maintain Pure body pure mind “Pandh shuddh jiv shuddh” at all times; Every Maheshwari should speak DHAMMACHAR in the morning and give reminder for his karma and dharma,treating everybody and everyone for equality.The Mamaidev said in his Vedas:- 4 chothi pasa dani maisaria anke,amar rondha yug 1440, hali mali halja ek rang, dev Mamai che anja hunda Purabh desh me sang”  The Mamaidev said in His Vedas:- 1 pahelo dhrok ( Vow) ee namandhio veer vichariyo vigat,Prabhat je Pahor me Dhammachari vartayo, anke Tushando Dev Alakh,

Dhammachar is basic pillar of Mamaidev and his dharma he given 36 vows to Maheshwari,Meghwar.
          (1)  Living Beings or Sentient beings are innumerable: I vow to help them all;

(2) DUKH or sufferings and Afflictions are inexhaustible,I vow to end them all;
(3) Enlightenment is unsurpassed : I vow to attain it.

These are the Pillars of  Mamaidev and his dharma, for the peace and happiness of livings beings of the world.the Mamaidev preached for Filial piety means you respect your Mother and father.Compassion and Wisdom,the Mamaidev said in his Sacred Scripture: “PANDH SHUDDH,JIV SHUDDH” Pure Mind pure Body.

OM!! Adoration to the Buddha Amitabha,whose Dharma kaya (Body of Law) is omnipresent in all universes.

OM!! Adoration to all the Bodhisattva and pure Beings of the ocean-wide assembly of Sukhavati.OM!! Adoration to all Buddha and Mamaidev Saints of past,present, and of the ten quarts of the cosmos let us at the world as it is.there are suffering and crimes among individual and nations.science is not only unable to relieved them,but intensifies the troubles by putting dangerous power in the hands of mankind by which the world is drenched in blood and tear,


Sufferings and misery are the inseparable concomitants of physical body and ,cure of which is beyond the power of mankind.The Mamaidev said, all living beings are subject to sufferings.He represents peace and equality With compassion and wisdom, one can generate merits.To enjoy merits is to build upon the foundation of Equality and Purity – this is the greatest enjoyment for human/Man kind.To cultivate merits in childhood, generate merits in middle age and enjoy Merits in old age are described as truth,virtue and beauty.

       The Mamaidev Said that Brantila Jiv Bhavo Bhav Mutha”To help others is to do our best in assisting them to break through delusion and become awakened, then they will be able to attain true happiness and leave suffering behind. In order to help all beings escape from suffering, one should be a good cultivator, excelling in moral and academic achievements. A cultivator can learn by upholding the precepts to guard against harmful consequences created by speech, body and mind,i.e.words,deeds and thoughts.The Mamaidev Said that Speech should be Pure and soft and sweet, He Said in His Vedas: NAMANA, KHAMNA NE BAHUT GUNA,JENJI MUKH ME MITHI VANI, MANKHE MANJA DEV NIPNA NAHI KOY DEV JI KHANI, it is necessary to cultivate good virtue by ending our afflictions including greed, anger, ignorance and arrogance, as they are the sources of all desires and delusions.True wisdom arises from cultivation of high moral character, from a pure, non-discriminatory and compassionate mind,Without a pure mind, the knowledge gained leads to deviated views.Therefore, the first priority in practicing Mamaidev”s Dharma is to purify our mind and cut off all attachments to erroneous ways. With the pure mind we can then reflect everything clearly and know all, thus attaining true wisdom and Enlightenment.

Concentration of Mind

The Amitayur. Dhyan sutra…..Samadhi is an undisturbed state of mind or concentrated equanimity.while Prajana is transcendental wisdom, divine intuition,The essence of this Sutra consists 16 sixteen stage of medication on the Buddha Amitayur or ( An epithet of Buddha Amitabha.and his two cooperatives Avalokitex vara and Mahasthama.and also meditate on the various glorious excellence of s of pure land sukhvati.The meditations from the first to the 16th are most fantastic nature and senses are described,which are incomprehensible to the mind of earthly beings.
These are six fold thoughts..1 Thinking of Dharma.2-Thinking of Buddha-3-thinking of Sangha,-4-Thinking of Almgiving…charity for poor and suffering peoples of world; 5- thinking of Nirvana and and direct meritorious thought which is helpful to the suffering sentient beings of the w.424670_358245630964500_1420773203_n
The Buddha Amitabha will give forth great and magnificent splendor which will illuminate his body;These are six fold thoughts..1 Thinking of Dharma.2-Thinking of Buddha-3-thinking of Sangha,-4-Thinking of Almgiving…charity for POOR and suffering peoples of world; 5- thinking of Nirvana and and direct meritorious thought which is helpful to the suffering sentient beings of the world; Above Image Makli Nirvana Destination of the Mamaidev.

Vipassana Meditation & Mamaidev

Theravada Buddhism present us with a effective system for exploring the deeper level of the mind,down to the very root of consciousness itself.It also offer a considerable system of reverence and ritual in which those techniques are contained.while Vipassana can be translated as insight a clear awareness of exactly what is happening as it happens.The vipassana meditator uses his concentration as a tool by which his awareness can cut him off chip away at the wall of illusion which cut him from the living Light of reality.
suffering is a big word in Buddhist thought.it is key term and it should thoroughly understood. PALI word is DUKKHA. PAIN it means that deep,subtle sense of unsatisfactory which is part of every mind,Essence of Life is suffering said Buddha.You cant get everything you want,you learn to control your mind,to step outside of this endless cycle of desire ,craving and aversion.Meditation is for purification of mind,In our society we are great believers in education,we believe that knowledge make a cultured person civilized,civilization,Meditation is called the great teacher.the greater your understanding ,the more compassionate you can be,you are ready to forgive and forget,you will feel LOVE towards others,because you understand them.
Meditation is just a relaxation technique
May i be well,happy and peaceful.courage ,understanding and determination to meet and overcome inevitable difficulties,problems and failure in life


Distraction & Meditation

So you are meditating beautifully, your body and mind are relax and more relax,totally relax you just glide with flow of your deep breath and concentration of mind.And suddenly something totally difference pop in your mind,:I sure wish i had a car want to drive for my entertainment,That’s a distraction obviously or you draw away your attention from meditation.That’s not what you are not suppose to doing,you noticed that,and you drag yourself back to the breath and concentration and relax.back to the smooth flow of your breath in out smooth breathing and concentration,and than suddenly distraction.Did i paid bill of my Internet or my office staff payment ‘my back or drag back is killing me”.
This mental wandering is is unpleasant .to be sure,But it is normal mode of your mind Don’t think it as enemy.It is simple reality of life,and if you want to change something,the first thing you have to do is see it the way it is.When you first sit down to concentrate on the breath,you willimages (10) be struck by how incredibly busy the actually is.Do’t be upset or distress, about this.it is natural phenomena when your mind wander from the subject of Just observe pop or distraction of your mind. from subject of meditation and concentration with mindfully.
First step of Meditation is Relax…more Relax and totally Relax,,


Anatomy of Human Body & Yoga Meditation

Meditation is mysterious process, it deal with consciousness of mind and body and its physiological activities.now we will try to understand the mechanism of our body systems, Mind or our brain consists three type of nervous systems, motor nervous system, sensory nervous system anicn129043

Autonomic NERVE system,these are the components of body and mind, while motor nervous system is related to our motor and movement activities of body and muscle and posture,it include various activities of muscles and joints, while sensory fibers of nervous is responsible for sensory activities of body like sensation of touch, temperature and pain,these 3 fibers are arise from our spinal cord.than Autonomic nervous system is control by higher centers of brain,12 twelve cranial nervous control the various body systems of body,

for example our optic nerve is autonomic system we do not know the process of vision.and also facial and olfactory nerve for taste and others we do’not know what happened about our food in the stomach and intestine it is solely Autonomic system we do not know about our systems of digestion and metabolism and oxidation,simple you take example of your heart and its beating ,is it under your control!!!!.answer is no,why not control by you,it is part of your body, you always Love your heart, why your heart is not love you,
Your heart is under control of your Autonomic nervous systems which is not under your control,
I advise to meditaters to understand basic physiology of our Autonomic nervous systems of body, now you learn about your 10th cranial nerve, it is known as vagus nerve in medical science,Vagus nerve is master nerve in the body,it control the activities of heart and its beat and other activities of body.

Activities of  the Vagus  NERVE is the important nerve in meditation, stimulation of vagus give rise to inhibition will stop our heart and depress activities of vagus will adverse effect on organ and its activities,In meditation we are taking breath in and out is the physiological process of meditation.you take deep breath and retain for while and release breath and again and again and repetition is process of yoga ,while you deep breath.and retain oxygen in the lung and body and you released carbon dioxide,during your expiration  breath and  in the lung , what happen there will be increase the level of carbon dioxide in your body and Carbon dioxide will stimulate our body organs  like Brain MEDULA where center of Respiratory system is Located,and  others Endocrine Secretory glands of Human Body like, Pituitary glands and our respiratory systems in the brain.The increase the level of Carbon dioxide will stimulate  the Autonomous, VAGUS NERVE of brain, Vagus Nerve is Known as nerve of Meditation and Yogaas nerve of Meditation and Yoga.mamaidev sindho


Goal to reach perfection & happiness


Our Goal as Meditate we all must have a goal,if we do not have a goal, we will simply feel about an one does in the dark blindly, following somebody”s instruction,on the process of meditation,there must certainly be a goal for whatever we do consciously and willingly.Our Goal is to reach the perfection of all the noble and wholesome qualities latent in our subconscious mind.this goal has five elements to it,Purification of mind,overcoming sorrow and lamentation or expression,regret of grief,overcoming grief and pain,treading to right path for attainment of eternal peace and attaining happiness by following path.keeping five fold path in mid,we can advance to reach the goal.

Before deciding our goal we should understand our bad habits and certain addiction of drugs and alcohol and wine and quit  evil habit.before starting meditation you determine your bad habits and quit the smoking,alcohol and other evil karma,like.Greed,hatred and lust.these are the evil karma in Buddhism.these are the blemish of mankind.Be gentle with yourself,be kind to yourself,investigate to yourself, question everything,see for yourself,subject all statements to the actual test of your own experience,and let the results be your guide to path of truth.Insight meditation evolves out of inner longing to wake up and to gain liberating insight into the true structure of existence.The entire practice of meditation is depends upon this desire to be awake to the truth.without it,the practice of meditation is superficial.