The Parimita & the Buddha



The sixth paramita is intuitive wisdom.We apply it in our daily lives,as we learn the Bodhisattva way.We know every thing around us but we do not cling to it as we do our best to help others.why!!! this act of helping others originate from the thought and Bodhisattva,unconditional compassion for all others as we are all one entity.so we discriminate between others and ourselves becoming perplexed and obsessed ,spreading confusion, committing wrong doings and thus sufferings to others and ourselves.The Buddha preached us how to break through delusion so that we would awaken to the truth that helping others to ourselves,such heart of compassion is unconditional because it originate from the understanding of unconditional compassion for all others as we are all one entity ;therefore the Buddha preached us to adopt the six paramita of giving,abiding by precepts,patience,diligence,deep concentration and wisdom into our daily lives.Taking refuge in the Buddha means beings awakened and not deluded.taking refuge in the dharma means having proper view points.The Buddha used the word Dharma to symbolized all this infinite phenomena. Buddha dharma is the infinite wisdom and enlightenment perception of things and law in life and universe. The Buddha said,our innate perception and the objects in the universe perceived are ONE not TWO. overall perfect knowledge and wisdom,and perfect comprehension of the truth of life and universe.
 Mamaidev in Sindh Pakistan

Mamaidev in Sindh Pakistan