Mamaidev & Boddhi Tree

450px-Mahabodhitemple The MAMAIDEV was a great philosopher and predictor in 13th century, he was born in India.He described the sacred tree peepal in his Sacred scripture,in the Barmati religion of maisary dharma  peepal tree leaves are sacred leave used for worship of Barmati,he said there are 18 sacred tree in the world among them Peepal Boddhi tree is sacred and lord of all tree on the earth;
He said in his sacred scripture that:-18 Bhar vanas patri,je me Guru kije Papar,tri bhuvan jo tirth vasu, te me uttam tirth ai BARMATI.૧૮ અઢાર ભાર વનસ્પત્રી જેન્જો ગુર કીજે પુપર ,ત્રિભુવન જો તીરથ વાસુ તેમે ઉત્તમ તીર્થ અઈ બારમતી.
Because the Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment below this sacred tree in  Buddha Gaya ,Bihar India,It is sacred tree in Buddhism,Mamai dharma, Hinduism, Jainism.In Mamai dharma it is known as papar,in Buddhism it is known as ficus Religiosa or Boddhi tree,In PALI  it is known as Asatta,In Sanskrit it is known as Asvattah, in Punjabi and Urdu Peepal and also known as Plaska tree.The Mamai Nirvana on the month of vaisak in 1389 A.D.and  The MATANG DEV was founder of mahesh dharma and Barmati religion and he was Nirvana on the  month of Vaishakh,the Gautama Buddha was Nirvana on the month of Vaishak on purnima full moon. Matang dev,Mamai dev and Gautama nirvana in the month of vaishak, three strange coincide events.So that month of vaisak is sacred month in Buddhism and Mamai dharma and his Barmati religion.so that month of vaisak is special significance in Buddhism and Mamai dharma.
Buddha purnima is the festival celebrated in the month of vaisak on the full moon,purnima to honor of Gautama Buddha.This is important and sacred festival in Buddhism, pilgrims are Coming from various parts of world like.Japan.China,Thailand,Indonesia, Sri Lanka,Burma and America to celebrate the Buddha purnima in Gaya India,
The occasions of  3 three great events in the life of Buddha,1-his advent Birth 2-Enlightenment-nirvana


Buddha was born in month of vaisak purnima,Buddha attained Enlightenment on the month of VAISAKH purnima,Buddha Nirvana in the month of vaishak purnima.The month of vaishak is special significance this strange 3 three fold events coincide gives Buddha Purnima unique significance in Buddhism.The month of Vaishak is sacred in Mamai dharma and Buddhism,In Hinduism Peepal tree is sacred tree is associated with the sources of Saraswati river.Sakandha puran stated that Saraswati river originated from the pot of Lord Brahma flows from peepal tree on the mount Himalaya so that Peepal,Boddhi tree is sacred tree in Buddhism, Mamai dharma and Hinduism, it is Sacred Peepal tree.